A personality of perfection as a Senior Pediatritician for more than 35 years. Being a child specialist he understands children and he is a know-all of child psychology. Looks deep into the psychological as well as physiological set backs of the children. Arrives at solutions to relieve themselves of the ailments and realise themselves later- Medicare handy.

R.MANOHARAN, M.Sc.,M.Ed.,(Maths)
Secretary & Correspondent

One of the main founder Directors of SRV Co-Edn School, Rasipuram. A meticulous mathematician, reputed and renowned for more than 3 decades. Scrupulous and Erudite. Has served as a popular teacher of Maths in various Govt HSS of this Region. Apart from being a significant part of the SRV Entrance coaching Team Rasipuram, he is the maths Teacher to thousands of Engineering graduates of the state and abroad.

P.VAJRAVELU, M.A.,M.Ed.,(Zoology)

One of the main founders of SRV Co-Edn Schools, Rasipuram in 1996. A reputed and renowned teacher of Biology for more than 40 years. Served as a popular Headmaster in the Govt Higher Sec. Schools. Having been the Key person of the SRV Entrance Coaching Centre of Rasipuram since 1985, he is the Biology Teacher to thousands of SRV Made Doctors of our state. He is the best administrator of school, an efficient guide of teachers, and an excellent motivator of students. Having more than 40 years of experience in teaching makes him to teach even the second generation students.

Managing Trustee

The Founder Trustee and Founder President of SRV Co-Edn School, Rasipuram during the first seven years.

A seer who has a mission with a vision, An indefatigable industrialist and an ambient agrarian well – known among the people of all walks of life.

The brain behind the architecture of the school. A comfy co-ordinator of his co-workers.

K.N.SUBRAMANIAN, M.Com.,M.Phil.,M.Ed.,
Trust Tresurer

One of the main founder Directors of SRV Co-Edn school, Rasipuram.

Having been a famous teacher for more than 3 decades he has served in various HSS of the state and is known for his humane approach towards various section of students.

He is not only a good teacher but also a master of dietetics by experience, taking care of the Boarding Houses of students.


Eminent teacher in chemistry for the past two decades and produced many centum in chemistry.

A great counsellor and guide to motivate the students to achieve their goals in the field of education.

He has produced many doctors and engineers during his journey as a teacher. He had been the head of the department of chemistry and made great achievements in chemistry with his able guidance to other teachers. He adopted a unique method of teaching which made the students get involved in the subject.

He is a strict disciplinarian and moves friendly with the student within the frame of the teacher and the student’s relations. He is a man of simplicity and can be accessed at any time both by the parents, students, and teachers due to this significant reason he has been elevated to the post of headmaster. His hard work, sincerity, dedication, and involvement will hold the flag of the school and its top.

Head Mistress

A reputed, renowned and experienced teacher of mathematics for more than decade. Serving as principal in various schools has taken charge as Headmistress of our school from 2017 onwards. She stays within the school campus in the quarters rending round the clock attention to the girls. She has a wide teaching experience. She is well versed guiding and councelling the girls towards victory.